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Dates: Now until December 18th, 2020 at 3 PM

Drop Off Location: Allison Apartments, 31 N Maple Ave, Sample Suite #521, Marlton, NJ 08053

Please drop off your donations for the South Jersey Food Bank and Join us to help the fight against hunger during this unprecedented holiday season.


Plastic, paper, or aluminum packaging is preferred over glass bottles and jars. Non-Perishable

Be sure to purchase non-perishable food only and be sure to check expiration dates. Refrigerated items will NOT be accepted

Items purchased in the smaller sizes listed help tremendously with ease of storage and distribution, and pull-top cans are much appreciated by those who do not have an accessible can opener.


  • Boxed stuffing mix

  • Cake and brownie mix

  • Cornbread mix (Jiffy)

  • Canned cranberries, fruit, corn, yams, sweet potatoes

  • Baby food and formula are always needed

Thank you for your AMAZING generosity!!

— Staci Stilts Community Director

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